Who are our Teachers?

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I recently spent a week in California with Rex’s siblings and one thing I can always count on when we travel together is that I am going to learn something. On this trip I learned to navigate around the area on an electric-assist bicycle and how to play pickle-ball. But these new physical skills don’t hold a candle to the life lessons learned. I can always count particularly on my sisters-in-law to help me see this world through different lenses. Fun, independent, strong, smart, kind, and compassionate, these women challenge me to learn, not only more about the world, but more about myself. I am always profoundly impacted by their wisdom. So, so much wisdom.

In James 3:17 we hear that wisdom from above is always pure, filled with peace, considerate, and teachable. It is filled with love and never displays prejudice or hypocrisy in any form. What I love about this is knowing that in order to be wise we ourselves must be teachable, we must be willing to yield to others and be willing to listen. Would you say the you are easy to correct, that you are open to different ideas? Perhaps there is someone whose wisdom you have been resisting or ignoring. Can you acknowledge that you have something to learn from everybody?

At the end of our yoga practice we often bow forward and say “namaste”. This basically means ‘the light in me honors the light in you’. It may also be translated as ‘the teacher in me respects the teacher in you’. It then becomes a gesture of humility and gratitude toward others for sharing their light and their wisdom.

As we practice both on and off of our mats this week let us acknowledge the fact that we have something to learn from every person. The truly wise sometimes are found in the most unlikely of places.

P.S. The e-bike is a game changer. Love it! And I am so up for a pickle ball game if anyone is interested.

Together we are the Tribe of Fully Alive Yoga.
Together we are the Body of Christ.


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