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I look forward to the practice Sherri prepares for us.  It’s always something different each time, and works a different part of our mind, body, and spirit making it all the more uplifting.


Fully Alive Yoga has truly been a gift to me.  I feel nourished both physically and spiritually in each session with Sherri.


Relatively new to yoga, Fully Alive Yoga has been a great place for me to learn and practice yoga. The Christian connection of this studio helps me feel the spiritual/physical/mental connection that yoga offers.

Very welcoming and friendly environment.


My family booked a special event with Fully Alive Yoga the day before my wedding and it was an experience that I will always cherish. It was so great to just press the pause button for a moment and reflect on this huge commitment I was about to make. Sherri is a calming and sincere teacher and her practice space is warm, spacious, and surrounded by such beautiful nature. Do yourself a favor, no matter how big the to-do list is, treat yourself to a session with Sherri before you say your vows. You will be as grateful as I was.


Love Fully Alive Yoga! Sherri is so warm and welcoming and delivers a gentle, yet challenging class, with options available, regardless of your level. The Christian elements that she intertwines throughout the class is perfect for a mindful, God-filled practice, and her home studio that looks out amidst the trees, is so peaceful and beautiful. The yoga, along with the devotions, settings and the essential oil sprays, makes each class feel like a retreat! You don’t want to miss this class!


I am not sure where to start, but Sherri and Fully Alive Yoga have been instrumental in helping me recover spiritually and physically from arm and shoulder injuries. It is a safe place for me to not do quite the same exercises everyone else is doing too. I can do what is right for me and my body and still feel stronger with Sherri’s guidance and support along with others in the studio not judging me. Also, it is an hour of focusing on you and your relationship with the Lord and is amazing if you can fully give it a try. You can definitely feel the Holy Spirit in the air! 


I  want to take this opportunity to tell you how meaningful your classes are to me and that your ministry with yoga is so much appreciated and needed.  Having gone to yoga classes for about 20 + years, I can say that from the beginning, yoga has helped me so much in body and mind, but never spiritually until your class.  I give thanks to the Lord for the gifts He has given you and thank you for sharing your gifts that feed not only our bodies and minds but our souls as well.


We went for a private couples yoga session on the deck and it was heavenly. We want to do it again.

Thanks, Sherri.


I absolutely love what Sherri does with her yoga class. It is so much more than just yoga. Sherri creates a peaceful place where you can come to not only stretch and move to strengthen your core and to increase your flexibility, but to strengthen your faith and relationship with Christ. You feel His presence in the scripture, in the message that Sherri weaves throughout the practice but also in the beauty of nature that surrounds her deck. It is good for your body, your mind and your spirit! I just love it!”


As a couple, we find our yoga practice as a pleasure, health benefit, stress releaser, and a spiritual experience that we share together.  The atmosphere of nature, music, and spiritual thoughts starts our weekend off on an amazing, low key, uplifting, happy, morning event!

Angie + Lane

FullyAlive Yoga is a welcoming place to lay your burdens before Christ and give glory to Him through the physical, bodily practices of yoga. It is a place to renew your mind, body, and build your faith in Christ. For when we bring our weaknesses to Him, we are strong.


Fully Alive Yoga is the best gift I’ve ever given myself. I stared out wanting a physical challenge and quickly realized there was so much more. Not only have I had the pleasure of getting in shape, but with Sherri’s guidance, I feel enriched mentally and spiritually. The peaceful setting of Sherri’s home studio, whether, on the deck or inside, enhances each practice with a soothing calm. My hour with Sherri sets the tone for my whole week….heavenly! Do yourself a favor…try it!


Wow, what an amazing venue for practicing yoga! Fully Alive Yoga provides an opportunity to practice yoga in an environment that supports my faith in Jesus Christ. The beautiful studio is located in a peaceful wooded area. Sherri Raderstorf is a talented faith filled yoga instructor!


Sherri helped make my vision of a 60th birthday party that would incorporate the outdoors, yoga and friendship come to reality. The five guests started out with an hour of restorative yoga on Sherri’s downstairs back porch and even though it rained the entire time the practice was calming and meditative. Afterwards Sherri opened her upstairs front porch for us to share refreshments and reflections on our lives, families and friendships.


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