The Same Power

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From biblical accounts we know that the resurrection caused some dramatic changes in the lives of Jesus’ followers. It’s undeniable.  Our liturgical readings the past few weeks were full of accounts of their new boldness and strength.  Peter, who was likely still reeling from denying his now risen Savior, was now healing the sick in his name, speaking out and telling everyone that he had risen.  While he had denied even knowing Jesus the night of his arrest, he was suddenly empowered to stand before the Jewish leaders and proclaim that Jesus was the Son of God saying, “We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.”  And Peter was not the only one.  All of the disciples who had been previously timid, afraid and in hiding were now emboldened and on-fire and full of joy.  They were Fully Alive! Nothing could take away the joy they experienced in the presence of the living Christ. I marvel every time I hear these inspiring stories of ordinary people believing and acting in a big way!

Sometimes when I’m in a challenging yoga class I want to cry uncle, I don’t want to do this difficult pose, or I don’t want to hold it this long. Do you ever feel that way?  Are you feeling that way now as you navigate your own personal challenges and you find yourself in a position that you don’t want to be in? And so we ask ourselves, am I believing right now that the same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in me? As we practice yoga and you find yourself in a physical pose that might be very challenging for you or pushes you to your limit, let it be a reminder that you have access to true transforming spiritual power in your own life. Reach deep down, and tap into the source of all strength.  Practice the physical poses as a reminder to boldly proclaim and practice your faith, just like those early disciples.  You’ve got the power you need to face the world. 


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