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It’s 1989 and that is my precious Meghan posing with me for a Mothers Day ad!

We are breaking out and having some fun this week as we practice to a playlist honoring Moms!

A little Ave Maria, some Christmas tunes, and even some boy bands singing about their mammas! 

Let’s give it up for Moms everywhere!

Two spiritual themes influence our yoga practice this week, surrender and strength.  You can’t have one without the other.  It takes a lot of strength to surrender, and surrendering can really build spiritual strength. So many women exhibit these two qualities: the ability to surrender to what is and what has to be, and the strength to see things through. (Yes, I am thinking about all of you amazing moms who are now called on to be teachers as well, and working from home on top of it.)  Women can be strong and fierce, and gentle and oh-so loving.  As Christians, we look to our role-models who have gone before us, and on the subject of surrendering and strength, Jesus’ mother Mary has to come out on top. Grab your mat and join us to hear more….


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