Lenten Yoga Series, Week Three: The Mountaintop Experience

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Last week I wrote about our lenten journey taking us out into the desert with Jesus. This week let’s head to the mountains…

When I was 20, three of us piled lots of camping gear into a tiny Toyota sedan and headed for Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. It was the 70s and we were all looking for what John Denver called a rocky mountain high. My first climb to the top of a mountain left me speechless at the sight of the vista before me and, at that moment, I was absolutely sure of the existence of God. It was a truly spiritual experience as I was overcome by the Presence of our Amazing Creator. Here I understood for the first time the meaning of a true mountain top experience and I wanted to stay there forever.

In our Sunday gospel we heard the story of the Transfiguration, when Jesus took a few of his disciples up the mountain and then revealed himself to them in all his glory, transfigured before their eyes. What an incredible mountain top experience that must have been for those disciples; a life-changer, for sure!

Each year, the last weekend of February, I attend a women’s retreat (virtual this year), and it is often a mountain top experience for me as well. But then I have to come down from the mountain and return to my life. We crave these experiences where we see the glory of God, but discipleship happens down in the valley where our faith meets real life.

Sunday evening I attended mass at Immaculate Conception and I was moved to tears by the opening song, Lead Me To The Mountain, written by Fr. Satish Joseph. I hope you will take these few minutes to listen as he shares his love of the story of the Transfiguration and sings this beautiful song.
Lead me the mountain, Lead me to the place
Where I can be with you.
Lead me to the mountain, Lead me to the top
I want to see your face.

Moses lived in Your shadow; Elijah heard Your voice
But Peter, James and John, they saw Your face.
Lord, its good to be right here; Help me to stay
I hear a voice that says, You are my God.

Bridge: Must I go down the mountain? Must I stand at the foot of the cross?
If I must be a disciple, Must I not – follow YOU?
So… Lead me from the mountain, Lead me to the cross
Where I can be with You.
Lead me from the mountain, Lead me to the world
I want to be your face.
US Copyright: Fr. Satish Joseph, 2017.


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