Get Quiet And Listen

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Speak Lord, your servant is listening. – 1Sameul 3:10

My hope is that you will always find Fully Alive Yoga to be a place where you can just show up as you are and not as how you think you should be. Where you are comfortable practicing in the body God created especially for you and not in the body you wish you had.  That you will confidently move and pose in a way that nourishes your own body without striving to move just like everyone else is moving; asking yourself, ‘how do I feel?’ rather than ‘how do I look?’.  This is the essence of listening to your own body, a wonderful discipline that is necessary if you want to be true to yourself and comfortably practice yoga.  This discipline of listening to the body is a foundation for learning to listen to the soul.

My hope is also that you will also always find Fully Alive Yoga to be the place where you come to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Where you step into the sanctuary that is your yoga mat and you shut out the distractions of the world so that you might hear the voice of the Divine Presence.  Where Jesus meets us in each person gathered here and in his teachings.

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me.” Jn 10:27

So as we practice together this week, each person comfortable in the body uniquely created for them, come first to your breath and notice how it moves in and out of your body. Let your breath then lead you to inner stillness, and in the stillness listen to the voice of the One who breathed life into you.

Breath of God, breathe in me.



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