February Funk

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Newsletter Archives | 0 comments

Hey Friends, how do you feel about the month of February? Have you ever heard anyone say, “I absolutely love the month of February”? I personally think that February is Mother Nature’s worst practical joke ever! And maybe that is what is contributing to my mood on this gray Monday. Rex just came home for lunch and I shared with him that I was having a great deal of trouble putting together a newsletter that offered any inspiration whatsoever, that I was just feeling so depleted and empty, and he said, “Well, write about that. Write about how you are feeling.” Smart man.

And so here it is. I feel depleted and my cup is empty. My energy level is hovering close to zero and everything seems heavy today, especially my boots. If I was a color it would be blue, or maybe gray. Maybe you can relate, although for your sake, I hope not. This isn’t a fun place to be. I share this because I think we often look at others and think that they have it all together, they have all the answers, and are able to easily turn up the corners of their mouth, and wrap themselves in spiritual platitudes to placate their sadness. So I am being raw here. I don’t always have it all together and I don’t have all the answers. I am struggling today to smile. And if you are with me, give me a big “Amen, Sister!”.

I will be okay; in fact, it feels good just to honestly write these words. When I feel this way I soak myself in music that soothes my soul. And so look for a new playlist this week as we practice. I don’t yet know the path of devotion we will take, but I do know The One who does, and I trust for some good inspiration between now and six o’clock tonight! So I will bring my February funk to my mat and lay it down.

Wait! Maybe that is the answer I was looking for. We bring whatever and whoever we are and we lay it down right there on our yoga mat. Yes, I think I just got my inspiration!

I hope that you will bring whatever you have this week to your practice and lay it down, a pure and honest offering.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. We are all in this together.


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