The Calling of Matthew

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Newsletter Archives | 0 comments

I love to put myself in the middle of the gospel action, trailing alongside Jesus and watching His every move.  And so today I imagine myself in the crowd as Jesus approaches Matthew the tax collector; Matthew, a Jew and despised traitor, whose job it was to separate his own people from as much of their money as he could get by with.  Some for the Romans, some for his own pocket.  A pile of coins on the table in front of him, Matthew looks up to see the tender face of Jesus and hears him say, “Come, follow me.”  What I notice and find interesting is that Matthew did not hesitate.  What had he heard about this man, what did he see in those eyes that made him jump up immediately, turn from the life he knew, and follow Jesus?   Each and every day, I hear this same beckoning to come and follow Jesus. Like Matthew, I have many distractions on the table in front of me.  But if I want to continually practice His Presence then I, too, must jump up and follow. 

By coming to your yoga mat with the intention not only to breathe and to stretch, but to also pray, you are jumping up and following as well. This is what sets our Fully Alive Yoga yoga practice apart.  We practice not just to move our bodies but to engage our spirits, to practice His Presence and follow Him without hesitation.


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