Boat Dock and God

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Let’s face it, we tend to be spiritual drifters from time to time.  As I sat this morning to pray and meditate I realized how far from my Dock I have drifted the last few weeks, bouncing around in my lifeboat distracted by travel and other issues. The Divine Mystery that we worship is solid and unchanging, secure and steady, deeply rooted and remaining faithful. As a sailor can always depend on the never-moving dock, so can we depend on God.  I am the boat. Sometimes I tie myself up ever-so-closely to the dock. We are side-by-side and the mooring ropes hold me tight to the cleats.  All is well and I feel safe. Occasionally, I carelessly let those ropes loosen…

…and I begin to drift away from the dock. The dock remains steady, it goes nowhere, but I allow the space between us to grow, and things begin to lose their clarity.  I find myself in a bit of a fog and my bones begin to chill. Nothing seems right.  I long for the closeness of the dock again right next to me and holding me secure. And so…

…I pull myself back toward the dock and I find that secure cleat.  I throw my rope around it and I wrap and I wrap and I wrap so that I am snug against that dock again;  that steady Dock that patiently waits as I drift away and then find my way back home again, coming out of the fog.

When we come to our yoga mats with the intention of devoting our practice to more then just physically moving, our yoga practice can become a rope the we tighten to pull ourselves back to the dock.  At Fully Alive Yoga we practice Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.  We step into the sanctuary that is our yoga mat to breathe, to stretch, and to devote ourselves to tightening our ropes and clinging to our Dock.

Together We Are The Tribe Of Fully Alive Yoga. Together We Are The Body Of Christ`


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