Easter Joy

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May You Live Fully Alive In Easter Joyfulness!

First of all, thank you so much for your participation in our virtual Lenten Yoga Series and in Holy Week Holy Yoga, experienced on-line for the second year. Who would have thought? Your faithfulness to Jesus, your yoga practice, and to Fully Alive Yoga, even as we practice in this new and different way, is a great support to me and a witness to all of our tribe members.

So, this very different Lent and Easter are now over. Now what? That’s often how I feel on Easter Monday and today is no exception, manifested in my meditation time this morning that was just plain flat. Last evening we attended church and, as Fr. Satish joked, “Jesus might be risen but I am dead!” Dead tired, of course, from all the demands of Holy Week. After the spiritual intensity of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, this next season can normally be a bit of letdown, at least for me. How about for you? So how can we all live in Easter joy this week and beyond in spite of our own fatigue and circumstances?

Let’s remember that we experience new birth, new life in this glorious springtime season. As we practice this week we will imagine our own roots grounding down into the fertile soil that we just cultivated during the Lenten season. We will root down to rise up. And keep growing. Mindfully, purposefully, intentionally we continue on our journey with Christ, remembering that he came that we might not just live, but live Fully Alive! During all seasons of life. For He is risen indeed.


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